The SDM exam is unique relative to the other Finance Track exams due to its large number of “critical thinking” exam questions. Historically, the majority of students writing SDM failed on their first try even though they had almost all passed two written answer exams already. XP found a significant market of students that needed more for their SDM preparation than they were being offered from other study providers.

The XP Premium Package for SDM is specifically intended to help students out-prepare other students writing the SDM exam. There is no guarantee that we can help you pass this tough exam, but we have had multiple sittings where more than 80% of our students passed. Our best sitting was in the Spring of 2019 when 11 out of our 12 students passed the exam for a 92% pass rate (versus 41% for all other students). In Summer of 2020, more than half of all passing SDM students were XP students.

Please note that our Premium Package for the SDM exam is intended for students who use the textbooks and other source readings because the XP study manual is not a “cut and paste” of the source readings, but rather a compliment to them providing more condensed summaries and intuitive explanations of key points.

What you get with this course?

Online Video Seminar (covering all of the topics on the syllabus and integrating them directly to the large SDM case study)

Study manual that supplements the source readings (It is not a replacement, but rather a compliment to the readings)

Audio and Digital flash cards (We now have pdf, ANKI, audio, and printable flash cards)

Case Study tools (includes videos, assignment, and case study detailed checklist)

Practice Recall Questions

Application Questions (medium critical thinking questions & solutions and solutions to selected textbook questions)

Practice Exams (tough critical thinking questions that simulate the actual exam)

Video feedback and exam coaching from the instructor on your answers to past SOA exam questions

The XP Premium Package for SDM can be purchased through the Actuarial Bookstore or Actex. The entire package is delivered online through the Actuarial Bookstores online learning portal.

Please check our testimonials to see what students have to say about the XP SDM Premium study package.

SDM Study Manual Sample 2023

SDM Practice Exam Sample 2023

Links for all SOA Study Notes for 2023 Syllabus

XP Premium Package for SDM