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We offer courses for the CFE Actuarial exams including SOA Exam SDM. We specialize in study manuals.


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Our instructors are chosen for their enthusiasm, dedication, commitment, and desire to work with aspiring actuaries.

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Strategic Decision Making SDM Sample Sample
Exam Strategic Decision Making SDM
Study Manual Sample
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“I tried XP for SDM exam after I failed this exam twice using PAK. At the beginning, I was hesitating to spend more money on seminars since I feel they worked in the similar ways. BUT, XP did make a difference! I appreciated all efforts Steve made to help me pass! Steve is a really good teacher. He knows how to teach people in a way that suits them best and makes my study not boring anymore! I will definitely recommend XP to all students who are taking SDM.”

– Yining Chen, SDM student

“Want to thank Steve from XP Actuarial. Their products were absolutely fantastic for this exam. I found the practise questions to be extremely practical and relevant. The study manual itself wasn’t just a copy/paste of the texts; they were very helpful in understanding the key topics. Also Steve himself was very quick to answer questions. 100% recommend.”

– Actuarial Outpost

“I will recommend this coaching to all my friends who are taking SDM. It was the greatest coaching ever in my actuarial exam path. Again thanks for all your support with kindness. Please keep in touch :)”

– Porapol Likitpronswan, SDM student

“Understanding the question answering process not only helped me answer the questions in the best possible way on the exam, but it also helped me see what the graders were looking for. It helped take away that subjective feeling and gave me a structure I could work with!”

– Student e-mail

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